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Streamline Your Asset Lifecycle with Next-Gen RFID Technology. Unlock Efficiency and Precision for Modern Asset Management.

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Elevating Operational Excellence Through Intelligent Tracking

Tragging Fixed Assets is at the forefront of RFID technology, revolutionizing how businesses track, manage, and report on their fixed assets. Our solution embodies innovation, offering a comprehensive, user-friendly system designed for the modern enterprise.


Revolutionizing Asset Management Across Industries


Enhance asset management in government agencies with Tragging Fixed Assets®. Our RFID technology ensures accuracy, compliance, and transparency, streamlining operations for public accountability.


Tragging Fixed Assets® optimizes healthcare asset management, ensuring medical equipment is always ready, supporting patient care, and maintaining regulatory compliance with minimal downtime.


Simplify asset tracking in educational institutions with Tragging Fixed Assets®. From textbooks to tech, our system enhances efficiency and provides insights for better resource allocation and planning.


Enhance guest experiences in the hospitality industry with Tragging Fixed Assets®, optimizing the utilization and management of assets from guest amenities to operational equipment.


Secure and streamline asset management in banking with Tragging Fixed Assets®, ensuring accuracy, compliance, and operational excellence in handling sensitive financial equipment.


Boost production efficiency in manufacturing with Tragging Fixed Assets®, providing precise tracking and maintenance of machinery and equipment to minimize downtime and enhance productivity.


Unlock Efficiency and Precision

User-friendly interface with visual interaction, simplifying asset management tasks.

Color indicators for intuitive navigation and status updates.

Tragging Fixed Assets features a user-friendly dashboard with visual interaction through a color indicator-based approach. This intuitive interface simplifies the process of tracking and managing assets, making it accessible for users of all skill levels.

Customizable tracking structures tailored to specific organizational needs.

Offers the flexibility to define and customize the asset tracking operation structure according to the specific needs of an organization. Assets can be tracked based on various criteria such as buildings, stories, rooms, or departments, providing tailored and efficient asset management​​.

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Customize asset records with user-defined fields to capture all necessary asset details.

Users can create and define custom fields in various lists to store additional information about assets. This provides greater flexibility and ensures that all relevant asset information can be captured and accessed easily​​.

Aligning Asset Management with IFRS, GAAP & KSA Standards

Tragging Fixed Assets software aligns with various accounting and financial standards, including IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards), GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles), and KSA (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia) standards. This compliance ensures that the software meets international and local regulatory requirements, making it suitable for businesses operating under these frameworks.

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Our Technologies

Elevating Asset Management to New Heights

RFID Technology - Precision in Every Tag

Real-Time Tracking, Automated Inventory and Enhanced Data Integrity

Barcode Technology - Simplicity and Reliability

Universal Compatibility, Cost-Effective Solution and Easy to Adopt

Harnessing the Power of Both

Flexible Implementation, Scalable Solutions and Comprehensive Asset Visibility

Our Products

Transform your asset management with our specialized suite of solutions

Enterprise Asset Management (EAM)

Manage Asset Lifecycles, Drive Organizational Value

Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS)

Streamline Maintenance, Maximize Uptime


Automate Asset Control, Secure Your Operations

Tragging Fixed Assets

Where Technology Meets Asset Management Excellence

Our product suite is engineered to meet the diverse needs of industries seeking efficiency, accuracy, and compliance in asset management. Whether it’s optimizing maintenance routines with CMMS, managing assets across their lifecycle with EAM, or securing and automating asset control with E-Gate, we provide solutions that drive operational excellence and strategic growth.

Explore how Tragging Fixed Assets® can transform your asset management by contacting us today for a personalized consultation and demonstration.


Revolutionizing Asset Management